The Story of Stormshield's Hammer

Tango, I mean.. Tembo Down

Our story has began, the stage is set, and the players are… well.. playing their roles.

This Story, the one surrounding a small band of adventurers hailing from the little known Guild of Stormshield’s Hammer, is just beginning.

The Story so far:

Onim, Leucis, and Azumel; recently joined by the newest member of the guild, Ko’Alar, have found themselves in an odd predicament where they have stumbled upon a flaw in the security of Evereska. With the only lead they have being a Company of Dwarves in Eartheart, they have decided to head to Suzail of Cormyr in order to meet up with a friend of Embra Vineguard named ‘Dagger Llorgal’ who owes her a favor and will, assured by Embra, sail them all the way to their destination. Conveniently, upon seeking out a few vouchers from Brakkus, learned of the goings ons near the Shadovar and Shadow Sea, which some of their fellow guild members were leaving to investigate, they learned of disappearing houses and hard to find large groups of scattered un-dead. While it would be quicker to simply use Embra’s gifts in order to reach Suzail quicker, they took somewhat of a more profitable path, plotting a course from Evereska to Suzail in order to pass through the areas in the Farsea Swamp to investigate these occurrences on the way.

The voucher allows the purchase of certain clearance items in various shops in Evereska, as long as you have it on your person you may use it infinitely.

Current Clearance Items:

1.Screaming Bow 1.[Norm – 840gp] [Sale – 210gp]
2.Vision Sand 2.[Norm – 075gp] [Sale – 005gp]
3.Blackleaf Gloves 3.Norm – 840gp Sale – 210gp Out of Stock
4.Baffling Cape 4.[Norm – 680gp] [Sale – 136gp]
5.Spidersilk Mantle 5.Norm – 680gp Sale – 136gp Out of Stock
6.Brooch of Shielding 6.Norm – 680gp Sale – 136gp Out of Stock
Adventure Log
Chronological Events of the Campaign

Test post for the Adventure Log. This Log will help with recapping previous sessions and storing information about the events that take place during each session.


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