• This Campaign starts at Level 2 using the 4e DnD game system. You are allowed 3 free magic items 1 each of level 1, 2, and 3, and you get an additional 360gp to spend on additional items. All Classes/races are allowed, themes and backgrounds are optional and left up to the discretion of the player. You may use any official WotC rules book or Dragon Magazine for feats, powers, etc… The only off limits Background/Theme is the “Seer”. Apart from that the only limitation is that you have to choose a non-evil alignment.
  • All of the players will have already known each other for a minimum of 6 months, except for 1 player that I will choose at random who will start the campaign being indoctrined into the guild. So feel free to share information with fellow players as far as any background information you would like to share, but only information that you’d want them to know, anything you want kept secret (as far as in character goes) then keep that stuff private.

All players (except 1) will start off as members of a heroic guild named, “Stormshield’s Hammer.”

  • This guild was founded and is currently ran by Brakkus Stormshield. This guild was created because Brakkus wanted to find other people like him, who enjoyed adventuring and really liked to have extra currency to throw around whenever he felt like it. The issue was that Brakkus found a lot of missions or odd employment he’d come across were too dangerous for just one man so he wanted a place where he could round up more people like him That could go out and help people in need and make a decent living at it.
  • This guild has been around for ages and Brakkus doesn’t accept employment offers nearly as much as he used to, due to his older age so he generally stays at the guild hall and keeps the building maintained so it won’t fall apart. Most of the other members of the guild, including you players, are the ones who go out on these missions and collect a good bit of coin for yourselves and the guild.
  • The first session will start with you at the guild hall, asleep, but awakening to a female voice you shortly recognize as Panacea Whitewind…

This story starts in the lands of Faerun. In a small town known as Evereska.

Evereska is a fabled valley in the Western Heartlands, one of the last realms of the eladrin in the north.

It is a valley encircled with twelve hills collectively known as the Shaeradim, which was sculpted into a large terraced garden, and inhabited by moon and sun elves. The houses were worked into the landscape and it was possible to float large items in the city. Blueleaf trees covered the valley and were sculpted by magic. Weather conditions and diseases were regulated by a magical mythal. Some eladrin spent their time in deep caverns to create new spells.


Lady of the Vine Vale of Evereska: Empra Vineguard (Eladrin)

Evereska is ruled by a council of Hill Elders, once all eladrin, currently holds the seats of many races.

Council Members:
- Entyr Llorowyn (Eladrin) Deceased
- Relix Pentir (Human)
- Norr Farcry (Dwarf)
- Belira Nightingale (Pixie)
- Karr of Cormyr (Human) Deceased


Because the hills around Evereska contain little in the way of ores, they are imported into the city, in exchange for paintings, sculptures, crafted wooden items and wine.


  • The warriors defending the city are equipped with enchanted armor that allows them to fly. A standard Evereskan patrol is usually 14 chain mail clad archers on foot accompanied by two wizards and a Swordmage
  • The Swords of Evereska are a knightly order of paladins, fighters and wizards.
  • The Tomb Guards have sworn a solemn oath to track grave robbers and to never rest until the defilers have been slain.
  • The Vale Guard are archers and medium infantry, and form the heaviest foot soldiers in the Evereskan army. They are swordsmen first and archers second.


  • The Vale of Evereska: The Vale is a verdant alpine valley about 18 miles long by 4 miles wide. It is encircled by twelve virtually impassible mountains, save for the narrow cleft to the west leading to the Halfway Inn and two well hidden footpaths leading out to the northeast and southeast. The elves sculpted the entire valley into a terraced garden wreathed in tall trees of green and blue foliage. This is only broken by The Singing Waters, the only river of note, which flows through the middle of the vale into the city itself. The most common structures dotting the vale are elegant arched bridges, though many are broken or lie fallen. Unfortunately the phaerimm siege left many of these structures in ruins.
  • Tower of Dreams: One of the most interesting and least talked about features of the vale is the Tower of Dreams. This impossibly slender crystal spire, is wreathed in mist and clouds, and rises in the mountains at the northernmost end of the vale. It overlooks the Shining Falls, a waterfall that plummets down a sheer cliff rising at least 1,400 feet. The waters plunge into a large lake that narrows into the Singing Waters river. No entrance or windows are visible in the structure, though at night strange lights glow within, and occasional music of indescribable beauty often carry for miles through the mountains around it. Who built the tower is a matter of much speculation, but persistent rumors suggest that it is the abode of Corellon Larethian himself, built not long after the Sundering of the Drow, when Evereska was but a remote outpost. Those few elves that have journeyed to Arvandor on the outer plane of Arborea say it bears more than a passing resemblance to Corellon’s abode there. Whatever the case, all Evereskan elves consider the waterfall and the tower sacrosanct and never attempt to climb or enter it. The waters of the pool, however, are highly valued for their legendary healing qualities. Any who merely bathes in the water during full moon will be healed of ailments, wounds, and even have lost limbs regenerated.
  • The City of Evereska: Surrounded by the Meadow Wall, the center of the valley has an inner ring of knolls. The three highest hills, known as the Sisters, form a fairly even triangle around the city of Evereska. The knolls are broken by the Singing Waters, which flows through the western edge of the city. When not cloaked in mists or fine rains from the dying mythal, the city itself is a wonder to behold. The city is comprised of a garden-like series of lawns and wooded terraces interlaced with crystal-clear streams that link spell pools and fountains. There are no streets, but sweeping, winding paths, some of which have been overgrown by the local flora. The sounds of music, singing, and small woodland creatures fill the air without being obtrusive. The diversity of plants and animals can make a visitor forget that they walk within a walled city and not deep in the wilderness.
  • Homes of the City: Many homes are worked into the landscape so as to blend in with the growing plants and form a series of beautiful bowers, dells, and vistas. Others are splendid tall houses with many spires and balconies rise up through the huge trees. Lastly, unattended homes are beginning to be overgrown by their own gardens. Riches and treasures lie everywhere in these shattered mansions, but spells that do strange things to intruders protect some areas and menacing mansion guardians such as helmed horrors and shield guardians rise up to strike at intruders that invade their walls.

Features and Buildings of the City:

  • Evereska College of Magic and Arms: The Evereskan College is a training academy of the highest standards. The training it provides is one of the reasons that Evereska is so well defended. Harpers are the only N’Tel’Quess who can normally get training at arms or magic in Evereska, although they have recently seemed to take in more varied applicants…
  • Fountainheart of Shimmering Gold: Built on the Bellcrest, is Hanali’s temple. A rarely favored diety that has a small following but it is quite an important goddess to the people of Evereska. It is an enormous structure of white marble and moonstone, surrounded by gardens that bloom year-round with rare flowers and exotic fruit. The Fountainheart of Shimmering Gold is led by the stunningly beautiful moon elf, Hamalitia Everlove, whose beauty has continued to increase over the centuries. The temple has housed countless Evereskan weddings, revels, and dances, and in addition to displaying works of Evereska’s greatest artisans, holds many greatest artistic treasures from Ascalhom, Eaerlann, Illefarn, Myth Drannor, and Sharrven. On a low pedestal at the center of the gardens, accessed through a maze of rose-entwined boxwood, stands a statue of the goddess carved from rare white stone. The sculpture depicts Lady Goldheart with angular, delicate features, exquisite lips curved in a knowing smile, and almond-shaped lips. One long-fingered hand rests over her heart, and the other touches a pointed ear, a traditional portrayal of the goddess showing that she is ever receptive to the prayers of lovers.
  • Moonspire: An incredibly beautiful spire of magically conjured marble to Sehanine Moonbow and Corellon Larethian.

Truana’s Lock’d Emporium (Magic Shoppe)
Hartigan Hart’s Smithy

-Shrine to Corellon
-Shrine to Avandra
-Shrine to Sehanine

  • The Unicorn & Crescent: An inn that welcomes races of all kind, but dislikes any shady business. Very well lit for an inn.
  • The Halfway Inn is towards the edge of the city near the western gate. They really don’t care who their patrons are as long as they’re making money
  • Storm Hall: The guild, “Stormshield’s Hammer,” was founded and is still run by the famous Brakkus Stormshield. This is where all their guild members reside.

Guild Name – Stormshield’s Hammer

Members not including the PCs – 9

  1. Brakkus Stormshield (Dwarven Invoker of Kord)
  2. Farlowe Farromir (Elven Ranger)
  3. Panacea Whitewind (Dwarven Paladin)
  4. Ignacious of The Farview Mountains (Human Sorceror)
  5. Benny Fresco (Gnome Bard)
  6. Radia Llorowynn (Elven Knight)
  7. Lo-Mak (Goliath Warden)
  8. Helena Argos (Human Barbarian)
  9. Tarien Undercloak (Revenant Assassin)



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